Friday, October 16, 2009


the thing that I mostly dislike is lies, I said "mostly" because at times lies are s
poken to save the other person which is indeed a good task. the kind I hate is when a person for a selfish purpose speaks a lie.Lies are of two kinds basically:
White Lies and Black Lies.
White Lies are to please some one or save the other person, white color is represented
by an "angel" and it signifies purity even if it is used to create a false statement. But that statement is not to harm someone thats why I like it!
Black Lies are those lies which are for selfish
purpose. and the speaker of such a lie doesn't care about anybody but himself, the pure motive is to "save" himself from that weird situation where he got stuck due to his own mistakes.
Black color is symbolized by a "devil" and thats why its the most harmful lie, as a devil can't resist to destruct ot
her's reputation.

I may like a white lie, which is sometimes in the form of flattering, flirting, fake compliments and also to save other from some thrashing or scolding. but I simply can't stand a black lie.
once the listener comes to know about a black lie, then he can't bear the black face of the speaker as devil's face is always black. but when a white lier is in front of you, you will think that he's actually impressing you or he needs something out of you. for a mom
ent you can see him and understand his requirement.

well.. whatever is it.. lie is a lie, whether black or white.. the lier's nose is always stretched out and long when he lies !!! hahaha