Friday, October 16, 2009


the thing that I mostly dislike is lies, I said "mostly" because at times lies are s
poken to save the other person which is indeed a good task. the kind I hate is when a person for a selfish purpose speaks a lie.Lies are of two kinds basically:
White Lies and Black Lies.
White Lies are to please some one or save the other person, white color is represented
by an "angel" and it signifies purity even if it is used to create a false statement. But that statement is not to harm someone thats why I like it!
Black Lies are those lies which are for selfish
purpose. and the speaker of such a lie doesn't care about anybody but himself, the pure motive is to "save" himself from that weird situation where he got stuck due to his own mistakes.
Black color is symbolized by a "devil" and thats why its the most harmful lie, as a devil can't resist to destruct ot
her's reputation.

I may like a white lie, which is sometimes in the form of flattering, flirting, fake compliments and also to save other from some thrashing or scolding. but I simply can't stand a black lie.
once the listener comes to know about a black lie, then he can't bear the black face of the speaker as devil's face is always black. but when a white lier is in front of you, you will think that he's actually impressing you or he needs something out of you. for a mom
ent you can see him and understand his requirement.

well.. whatever is it.. lie is a lie, whether black or white.. the lier's nose is always stretched out and long when he lies !!! hahaha

Monday, October 5, 2009

An award for an award

hi there, this post is going to be esp. because, a very dear friend of mine has given me an award.. thats one lovely blog award!!! yayayayaya

Thanks Naqvee from faheimgul.

but I will not let her go empty handed from here.. she deserves more than an award.. her blog has inspired me to a great deal and her art work has actually beautified the whole atmosphere at her blog.. so she deserves something which she can relate to ... thats art and pencils...

Naqvee, you are an amazing soul! I come to blogger only to read you ... and you can't imagine that how much I have learnt after reading your posts!

Accept this..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Branded Sleeves

I have hated everybody and even my boyfriend, recently we broke apart only over this matter that why brands are given so much importance? it's ok to wear a branded shirt or pant once in a while! and it includes that your brain is also branded with humbleness and not over flaunting it! however people forget the manners and meanly and sarcastically throw their look-at-me-im-wearing-a-brand attitude on others!
at times im pissed off.. and hate those who does it!

My boyfriend committed the same , mistake.. he knew that i hate all this.. i even wear branded stuff but is this so important to them to shout at their highest pitch in the mall and say

i gave him stern look and there it was in Mocha [coffee place] we bid adieu to each other! lol.. im glad im no more with suchha FREAK ! thankfully~

and are you also accompanied by any such freak in your life? if yes.. how do u tackle him/her?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 things in one hand

o gosh i dont how ppl manage this but its really the toughest thing one can do, esp. if its a girl.. its terrible to handle a guy and job at a moment in one life.
o.. acatually i have Sid as boyfrnd in my life.. i know i didnt erupt that before but we are dating..and trust me. he's not only cute but very humble !
im enjoying working as a graphicist but enjoyment is over when my guy calls up and asks me to leave and meet him instead.. my boss who's not soo good now as he used to be.. is annoyed with me as well...

anyone give me some ideas on how to tackle both of them ?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

dinner, stomach ache and a hug

hey guys
I will continue from where I left a day b4, well I met my friend by goodluck in the grocery store
and we both agreed that at 7 in the eve we will meet. the clock struck 6.45 and i stepped outta my p. g [paying guest accomodation n i will search a working women's hostel soon, as this lady
is charging me a hell lot ].
we met each other at a point where we decided to meet and thankfully neither he nor I was late.. heehee. we went to "Tosa" a chinese restaurant in Ville parle East, here in Mumbai. and i ordered a good amount of non veg food but my frnd Sid is a vegan [which i never knew] and took veg noodles only?!?!? hmmm...
i wonder did he actually like it..?I was a bit shy in asking him out that !
he's grown into a handsome guy.. gymming is what every Indian wants to do now.. wow
well, after the awkward dinner and obvious questions like where have you been? and whats the name of you galpal or guypal?
we strolled down the restaurant footpath and gazed the passer bys.. its was bizzare I know as the answer was that me and Sid were both alone in our own ways, we didnt have a lover blabla and no bst frnds ! No confidante .. simply no one to share our ecstacy and despair... when we took a wal together we were more than frnds.. it was so strange that we after many years we met and at once thought about going out in the evening and now we were so comfortable with each other. Neither of us was in a hurry to leave.. the eve was free from strife !
but things never remain same for a long time.. a terrible sensation in my stomach brought tears in my eyes and we had to rush to the nearby doc [unfortunately it was closing time for the clinics in that area but fortunately we found one open] after diagnosis the doc injected me a pain killer and gave some other medicines. I will go on monday to the doc again after i return bk from work. "what is it?" asked Sid to the doc, she said in a haste.. "foulmeat maybe?" "ughhhhhhhhhhh" i moaned... "thats y im a vegan !"said Sid smilingly.

he dropppped me back to my p.G. and drank a plain glass of H2O... he was chemistry student and thats what he asked me to give ! hahaha...
he hugged me and went away...

today' s Independence happppy and huggy I -day to all the readers..
hoping for new and b'ful buddy relationships to bloom this year !
best of luck

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Expected the Unexpected

well, I have got a great deal of news to share.. man.. i Gotta job... wow
I just cant believe that and im unable to forget what all other good things actually happened to me. well firstly I will tell ya about my walk-in-interview at Cyber Nebula in Mumbai on last tuesday. and there were a 100 ppl sitting to give interviews.. i thot that ,my chances are least but as usual I will go in smilingly and show them my work. I applied 4 graphic designing or logo designing. so they saw my work on my laptop and there only they asked me to write everything in CD and leave there, so if they found it better than others , they will surely call me bk. and yes they did. just today morning I gotta call. and i will join from Monday. Yippie..

Now wats more I have got more things to tell and Im ready to rush as I had a chance aquaintance with someone wen i went to the groccery shop.. as you know Im living alone so I have gotta go and do thngs myself.. there I met. my one time good guyfriend.buying veggies.. t'was in school wen we were good frnds. and then we lost touch as i had to leave and go to new delhi. and yeah..i recognised him. he was so same. we are going out tonite for a dinner and its not at his house...

his name is Sid, and Im very excitied....

will tell ya more of it tomorrow.. gotta go and dressen up myslef... its party time baby !!! Yippie


Monday, August 10, 2009

Now by my Own !

I never thought of changing a room before when I was living with my parents in Manali, Himachal pradesh. If you have ever gotta chance to visit Manali then you might be knowing what a beautiful place it is ! I the only daughter of my parents.. I call my dad "papa" and I call my mom " Sheena" . Now besides interesting it is also notable why I called my mom by a name .. because my mom wanted me to learn my dad's name and for that purpose she used to greet my dad with "papa" .. for instance "papa has come " blablabla..but my Dad alsways called my mom's name which is Sheena and that's from where I picled up Sheena and not "Mom" but Sheena never complains of that. She knows that Shakespear has rightly said "whats in a name?" now talking more about my family..Iam an Anglo-Indian. My dad is a British and my mom a Himachali. her real name was too difficult 4 papa to pronounce thats why he changed her name to Sheena.
My name is Elaan Abraham [ and Im not related to John Abraham by any chance !}, I know this name is a l'il bizzare but I feel perfectly b'ful in it. brouhahaha..
I have left Manali now, and I am trying to fix my roots in 3 diferent Metropolitan Cities. Last year in November I turned 23 and Im almost done with my Masters in Fina Arts. which I pursued from Mumbai. Though you'll be a l'il surprised taht I did my Bachelors in Fine Arts from New Delhi and even before that I did my High and Senior High School from KolKata... I love travelling and thats what makes me more mature . We learn new things from new people...

Now coming back to that point from where we started was I have never changed a room in Manali but after realizing that Im now no more an adolescent I started living by my own .. sometimes in Hostels, some times at friend's place because at times I couldn't pay my hostel fees in time so I was kicked outta my girl's hostel few times and other times I managed to live as a paying guest.. and I mussay I always went through trials and tribulations.
More posts to come !