Thursday, May 20, 2010

On the bike and Inertia

last night i had a thing to pay heed on..
Have you ever wondered about inertia and its effects?In physics inertia though a small topic plays a huge role. how i got to think about it... i will tell ya

I was with my boyfrnd last night and we were on his bike but i was riding it... that makes me think of inertia when i studied the topic in my 9th grade physics.. then i didint understand it but last night i got the concept right!

while i rode the bike.. at speed brakers i used to apply brakes... my guy Sid (im bk with him again) fell forward on my shoulder each time i rode.. and started saying that firtsl;y im a girl who's driving and secondly there are other guys who seem to enjoy what i was doing! i didnt apply the brakes intentionally but yes... i was speeding up a little, there i learnt when i applie dmy brakes... he fell forward so did I... but when i sped up he and me both went a back from our normal position!

I always thought that Opposite theory causes it!

I was wrong all those years...

what causes this change in position is inertia.. our body wants to remain in same position and be with the vehicle ... but its our weight that causes it to change (the weight of any object is in short the inertia !)

Heehee.. I got it right! and maybe i helped you to get it right too!

Btw i am learning night biking. it's very much fun.. you must need to learn the art of balancing on the bike (never rode a bicycle as well) and you need to have better control on your nerves to assume how far an object can be and how close can it be if you ride slow or fast!

ON the bike you have to look only forward and sideways thats all.. no need to learn "how to park your two wheeler beauty"...


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  1. Inertia is also known as Mass. you r right its the volume that defines inertia and force exerted on it makes our body go to and fro at times.. you r a night rider i mussay