Saturday, August 15, 2009

dinner, stomach ache and a hug

hey guys
I will continue from where I left a day b4, well I met my friend by goodluck in the grocery store
and we both agreed that at 7 in the eve we will meet. the clock struck 6.45 and i stepped outta my p. g [paying guest accomodation n i will search a working women's hostel soon, as this lady
is charging me a hell lot ].
we met each other at a point where we decided to meet and thankfully neither he nor I was late.. heehee. we went to "Tosa" a chinese restaurant in Ville parle East, here in Mumbai. and i ordered a good amount of non veg food but my frnd Sid is a vegan [which i never knew] and took veg noodles only?!?!? hmmm...
i wonder did he actually like it..?I was a bit shy in asking him out that !
he's grown into a handsome guy.. gymming is what every Indian wants to do now.. wow
well, after the awkward dinner and obvious questions like where have you been? and whats the name of you galpal or guypal?
we strolled down the restaurant footpath and gazed the passer bys.. its was bizzare I know as the answer was that me and Sid were both alone in our own ways, we didnt have a lover blabla and no bst frnds ! No confidante .. simply no one to share our ecstacy and despair... when we took a wal together we were more than frnds.. it was so strange that we after many years we met and at once thought about going out in the evening and now we were so comfortable with each other. Neither of us was in a hurry to leave.. the eve was free from strife !
but things never remain same for a long time.. a terrible sensation in my stomach brought tears in my eyes and we had to rush to the nearby doc [unfortunately it was closing time for the clinics in that area but fortunately we found one open] after diagnosis the doc injected me a pain killer and gave some other medicines. I will go on monday to the doc again after i return bk from work. "what is it?" asked Sid to the doc, she said in a haste.. "foulmeat maybe?" "ughhhhhhhhhhh" i moaned... "thats y im a vegan !"said Sid smilingly.

he dropppped me back to my p.G. and drank a plain glass of H2O... he was chemistry student and thats what he asked me to give ! hahaha...
he hugged me and went away...

today' s Independence happppy and huggy I -day to all the readers..
hoping for new and b'ful buddy relationships to bloom this year !
best of luck

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  1. its monday today and how's your stomach.. avoid eating out this monsoon dear... you will be on fire otherwise.. haha.. how was ur 1st day on job?