Thursday, August 13, 2009

Expected the Unexpected

well, I have got a great deal of news to share.. man.. i Gotta job... wow
I just cant believe that and im unable to forget what all other good things actually happened to me. well firstly I will tell ya about my walk-in-interview at Cyber Nebula in Mumbai on last tuesday. and there were a 100 ppl sitting to give interviews.. i thot that ,my chances are least but as usual I will go in smilingly and show them my work. I applied 4 graphic designing or logo designing. so they saw my work on my laptop and there only they asked me to write everything in CD and leave there, so if they found it better than others , they will surely call me bk. and yes they did. just today morning I gotta call. and i will join from Monday. Yippie..

Now wats more I have got more things to tell and Im ready to rush as I had a chance aquaintance with someone wen i went to the groccery shop.. as you know Im living alone so I have gotta go and do thngs myself.. there I met. my one time good guyfriend.buying veggies.. t'was in school wen we were good frnds. and then we lost touch as i had to leave and go to new delhi. and yeah..i recognised him. he was so same. we are going out tonite for a dinner and its not at his house...

his name is Sid, and Im very excitied....

will tell ya more of it tomorrow.. gotta go and dressen up myslef... its party time baby !!! Yippie



  1. hi, ive just started following your blog and find it great! so good to see somemany things making you happy! congratulations on the job! xx

  2. congrats for the job!! and how did u celebrate it? xoxo