Monday, August 10, 2009

Now by my Own !

I never thought of changing a room before when I was living with my parents in Manali, Himachal pradesh. If you have ever gotta chance to visit Manali then you might be knowing what a beautiful place it is ! I the only daughter of my parents.. I call my dad "papa" and I call my mom " Sheena" . Now besides interesting it is also notable why I called my mom by a name .. because my mom wanted me to learn my dad's name and for that purpose she used to greet my dad with "papa" .. for instance "papa has come " blablabla..but my Dad alsways called my mom's name which is Sheena and that's from where I picled up Sheena and not "Mom" but Sheena never complains of that. She knows that Shakespear has rightly said "whats in a name?" now talking more about my family..Iam an Anglo-Indian. My dad is a British and my mom a Himachali. her real name was too difficult 4 papa to pronounce thats why he changed her name to Sheena.
My name is Elaan Abraham [ and Im not related to John Abraham by any chance !}, I know this name is a l'il bizzare but I feel perfectly b'ful in it. brouhahaha..
I have left Manali now, and I am trying to fix my roots in 3 diferent Metropolitan Cities. Last year in November I turned 23 and Im almost done with my Masters in Fina Arts. which I pursued from Mumbai. Though you'll be a l'il surprised taht I did my Bachelors in Fine Arts from New Delhi and even before that I did my High and Senior High School from KolKata... I love travelling and thats what makes me more mature . We learn new things from new people...

Now coming back to that point from where we started was I have never changed a room in Manali but after realizing that Im now no more an adolescent I started living by my own .. sometimes in Hostels, some times at friend's place because at times I couldn't pay my hostel fees in time so I was kicked outta my girl's hostel few times and other times I managed to live as a paying guest.. and I mussay I always went through trials and tribulations.
More posts to come !


  1. thanx for the lovely words. and your writing is impressive

  2. Your writings are very interesting and it is fun to read. :) Keep up the great work and thank you for visiting my blog.


  3. I'd like to visit India and see the majestic sights as they are in photos. You are lucky You're from there as I am lucky I'm from mine. good luck to finding a room....!